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Startlogic Review

Real Our Startlogic review and Startlogic user review To Find The Right Web Hosting Provider.Startlogic, LLC is one of the most established web hosting companies in the United States
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StartLogic Hosting Review: StartLogic is one of our favorite Web Hosting companies and I doubt we are the only ones out there that feel this way. With over 50,000 customers enjoying the benefits of running 10 domains with 1 web hosting account with StartLogic web hosting solutions. Furthermore, they’ve won numerous awards in recognition of their quality of service, customer support, and security systems.
You should definetely consider StartLogic if you’re looking for a web host.

StartLogic Plans

PersonalLogic Linux $3.95 60 GB 600 GB 10
ProLogic Linux $5.95 Unlimited GB Unlimited GB Unlimited
WindowsLogic Windows $8.95 100 GB 1000 GB Unlimited
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StartLogic First ImpressionContrary to the other web hosting companies that I have reviewed, StartLogic offers more diversity in terms of its plans. It features plans that are both targeted to the average beginner as well as the advanced developer. This is evident in the case of offering dedicated servers. In addition to the conventional means of customer support, StartLogic also offers a number of other useful tools to help you overcome any problems you are experiencing. Server uptime with this company has also been excellent.
StartLogic Price and Cost EffectivenessStartLogic offers the “ProLogic” plan which is by far the most popular plan it offers. For $4.95 a month, this plan comes with unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited e-mail accounts, CGI, PHP, MySQL, and more. This plan also comes with a free domain name. For the amount of features that you get, including software support, multimedia, host manager, web builder, pre-configured scripts, e-commerce and promotions, this plan is actually quite the steal.
StartLogic also offers a “WindowsLogic” plan which comes with 2000 MB of disk space and 60 GB of bandwidth for $9.95 a month, in addition to the features mentioned in the ProLogic plan. This plan is slightly more expensive than the ProLogic plan because it is for ASP.NET developers, offering .NET support. This plan is also reasonably priced for what you get.
StartLogic Data CenterStartLogic’s data center is located in Phoenix, Arizona, and provides redundant optical fiber connections through such companies as Cox, Qwest, and ELI, in addition to multiple Internet backbone providers, including UUNET, Broadwing, and Global Crossing. Like most data centers, the facility is equipped with raised floors, temperature control systems, redundant power, physical security, and surveillance systems. StartLogic has strategically located their data center in Phoenix, Arizona, due mainly to the city’s protection from extreme climates and being home of the world’s largest power plant.
StartLogic Customer ServiceStartLogic’s customer service team is almost identical to that of Lunar Pages. They are quick to reply and often do so within the hour. One thing that stands out about StartLogic is the amount of self-help resources they have on their web site. Customers can use a troubleshooter in which a step-by-step approach is taken until the problem is resolved. The site also features a knowledgebase which lists many frequently asked questions that are categorized which makes it easy for searching. Other guides are also available, including a guide on getting started with your web site. StartLogic has placed a considerable amount of effort into its self-help libraries and resources, which will definitely save you the time and hassle of writing e-mails to support. But of course if you cannot find your answer in their self-help, or simply choose not to use it, you can rest assured that you will receive quality responses in a timely manner. StartLogic also offers a toll-free telephone number, as well as a live chat feature right on their web site.
StartLogic Control PanelStartLogic currently uses the vDeck control panel, which is one of the most functional and versatile web site managers on the Internet today. The panel allows you to manage every aspect of your web site and it is complete with tutorials, walk-thrus, and a help center. What makes the vDeck control panel particularly useful is that it makes complex procedures such as building a web site or installing comprehensive CGI, PHP, or Java scripts simple. This panel makes it easy for beginners to upload their web site without a high level of stress on their part.
StartLogic OverallIn summary, StartLogic has proven they are capable of serving web sites with maximum server uptime and efficient customer service. Although StartLogic itself is a fairly new web host, the people behind StartLogic have actually been in the hosting industry for seven years. The ProLogic plan this company offers is well worth the $4.95 a month, as it is packed with space and loads of features. Like the other hosts reviewed, StartLogic also offers a 30-day-money-back guarantee, with no questions asked on their part. The vDeck control panel this company uses is of course slightly different than CPanel, but again is very easy to use and makes it easy for almost any user to operate. Another excellent choice in quality web hosting.
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