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MidPhase Review

Real Our MidPhase review and MidPhase user review To Find The Right Web Hosting Provider.MidPhase, LLC is one of the most established web hosting companies in the United States

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midPhase is one of the fastest growing web hosting outfits, and with good reason. Not only do they offer appealing plans, but they are financially solid, they own most of their own equipment which they house is a top tier facility, and they have a well-earned reputation for network reliability. With their recent relaunch and expansion into Windows, VPS, and dedicated server hosting, midPhase has cemented their position as a top-tier hosting provider.
In late 2007, midPhase and its sister-host AN Hosting were acquired by UK2, but there has been no drop in quality of service or offerings. In fact, I’d say most of their customers are probably unaware of the acquisition.

midPhase Host Services
Monthly Cost Disk Space Bandwidth POP Accounts eComm Domain Registration
$7.95 250 Gigs 3,000 Gigs unmetered No No

Plan Pricing
midPhase offers an astonishing 3000 MB of disk space and unmetered bandwidth for $7.95 a month. The plan comes with support for PHP, JSP, MySQL, PERL, SSL, and more. midPhase also offers you a free domain name if you prepay for a full year's worth of hosting. If you're big on using MySQL databases, this plan is your best bet because you can create as many as you like. A 14-day refund guarantee is also available with midPhase.

Customer Service
midPhase currently has an average response time of 29 minutes or less if you contact them by e-mail. Of course, e-mail isn't the only way you can get in touch with them. The company also offers community forums, a self-help section, and a toll-free telephone number. I am generally pleased with response times by phone and e-mail, and midPhase's self-help section has also proven useful.

Control Panel
midPhase's control panel is essentially a slightly altered version of CPanel that might prove to make the whole process of managing a web site easier to a beginner. The panel is equipped with all the different CPanel functions, and is graphically intuitive. The panel makes available a number of third-party scripts, including chat, message boards, and more.

Data Center
midPhase's data center, called the "Equinix IBX Center", is located in Chicago, IL. The center is hooked to several network providers and backbones to maintain redundant connections to the Internet. All of their servers are connected to a line burst-able up to 100 MBPS. Time Warner, Internap, and Bell South are just some of their Internet backbone providers.

There is no valid reason not to go with midPhase. The company offers a surplus of disk space, and more bandwidth than most other hosts. Their "SimpleSite Wizard" is great for the beginner webmaster and responses to e-mails are usually received in under 29 minutes. midPhase is great for webmasters who plan on continually growing their web site.

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