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Hostican Review

Real Our Hostican review and Hostican user review To Find The Right Web Hosting Provider.Hostican, LLC is one of the most established web hosting companies in the United States

The plans for the privately owned company of HostICan first started taking shape in 2003. Their company is located near Richmond Virginia with their severs and hosting infrastructure being found in the Equinix Data Center. HostICan offers a variety of web hosting solutions including shared hosting, reseller hosting, VPS and dedicated hosting. All hosting solutions are affordable and offer a great value for the money. Hosting plans are stable, reliable and secure. An excellent customer support staff is available to assist customers. Hosting plans are backed by guarantees to provide further assurances for customers.
Plan Name Monthly Price Web Space Data Transfer / month
Base-Host Plan $6.95 / month 2.000,000 MB 20,000 GB More

Plans and Features
HostICan stands by their product, offering a 30-day money back guarantee for all of their services, as well as a 99.9-percent guaranteed up time or your money refunded. HostICan also offers superior support, through a data center where questions can be answered online, and both telephone and e-mail support available to you twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. HostICan also offers a free online support ticket system, which you can utilize twenty-four hours a day to submit a ticket regarding any problem that you have. HostICan offers all of the standard web hosting features, including easy-to-install scripts and open source programs, and capability for e-commerce programs, but they go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to hosting space and bandwidth as very few companies are generous enough to offer so much to their customers.
HostICan Reliability
HostICan is so sure about the reliability of their dedicated servers that they offer a 99.99-percent up time guarantee. If the uptime on your website is not 99.99-percent, HostICan will gladly refund your money, and if you like, will offer you a year of free hosting as well. In my experience, HostICan is one of the most reliable website hosting companies on the internet, and more than worthy of your trust if you are looking for a lot of space and hosting options without a lot of price attached. With so much support and so little cost, HostICan is definitely a website hosting company worth considering.
HostICan is an e-commerce friendly website hosting company that offers obscene amounts of website hosting space and unlimited data transfer and bandwidth for a price that you may not initially believe. HostICan's creators clearly believe in offering much while requiring little from it's customers, because it takes very little money to secure high quality hosting from this company. You will not be sacrificing quality, either, as HostICan offers some of the best support available on the internet, granting you several different support avenues including twenty-four hour online and telephone support, support ticket submission, and a forum where you can have your questions answered. Have all of your needs met by joining HostICan today, I certainly have!

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