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Best Blog Hosting

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Best Blog Hosting

Realizing early that most of our visitors were looking for a hosting provider that offered a specific application that simplified the blog installation process, it felt only right to include the best blog hosting options on the market in the top-list below. Besides the Easy-Install-Blogs function, present hosts in the list above also offer large amounts of storage space, bandwidth and server solutions to affordable prices.

Bluehost Inc.

24 months : $6.95/mo
12 months : $7.95/mo
6 months : $8.95/mo
3 months : $9.95/mo

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BlueHost Price Value
Blue host web hosting plans are standard and include features that generally users expect, such as database support, email hosting services , FTP, Cpanel support, etc. Bluehost special offer is apparently the only web hosting service package to have a plan that features unlimited storage space and bandwidth. Limitless add-on domains, parked and sub-domains are quality features that Bluehost has to offer. The special rates offered by Bluehost web hosting are influenced by the period of membership, the longer the membership the cheaper the rates. The two-year membership is at an all-time low of $5.95, with the yearly membership at $6.95 and both include a free domain and the setup fee. Bluehost also has special offer for a six-month and quarterly plan but has a setup fee of $30 and $10 for the domain if purchased from Bluehost. The quarterly plan is available at $9.95 and the six-month plan at $8.95, while both bluehost special offers include all the hosting features.
BlueHost Performance
When signing up with Bluehost web hosting the terms of service are simple and unlike other cheap linux hosting services that have long drawn out agreements. Bluehost has a single page contract with the major points clearly outlined. Therefore, there are no surprises or clauses that a user has to worry about. When it comes to back end support, by calling their toll free line users are guaranteed a response within thirty seconds, and a quick solution to their problems.
BlueHost Reliability
There have been a number of tests conducted by users of their three-month plan and the reports have been the best web hosting solution, with a hundred percent for reliability. With a single thirty-minute downtime, this can be considered negligible when you look at the total uptime. This shows that the figures cross the so quoted 99.9% by other web hosting service providers.

Blue Host Customer Support
When it comes to script support Bluehost web hosting provides Fantasio script, which has added more value to the Bluehost web hosting service since Fantasia already has an impeccable reputation in the online market. Bluehost proposes a huge variety of industry standard scripting languages, such as PHP5, PHP4, PERL5, Python, CGI and of-course, Ruby / Ruby on Rails and is an advantage for users that prefer manual installation of scripts.
Blue Host UptimeIn all, the web hosting package by Bluehost offers business quality web hositng service to businesses and individuals at low rates. What makes Bluehost reliable is the top quality equipment and applications, maximum uptime, dependable support, and the most secure features in the web hosting market today. The bluehost customer reviews of many sites and this together prove Bluehost web hosting to be a good host, with a reliable network that warns customers of necessary downtime that is required for maintenance and upgrades.
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pMachine Free is a limited version of pMachinePro. You need a license to use pMachine Free on commercial or profit oriented websites
Current version : 2.3
b2evolution is a multi-lingual, multi-user, multi-blog publishing system written in PHP and backed by a MySQL database.
Current version : 2.3.1
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Nucleus CMS is an open-source blog management software package written in PHP, with a MySQL backend. It is used to manage frequently-updated Web content.
Current version : 3.31
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