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How To Get Your Ex Back Ebook

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  • Title:  Ex Back System
  • Category: Marriage
  • Price: 39
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  • Refund Policy: 60 days
  • Language:English
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Recession Phase

Discover the right way to handle yourself - and your ex - after a break-up and what 5 deadly mistakes you need to avoid in the aftermath of separation!


 Reconstruction Phase

Learn the fastest way to heal after a break-up and make yourself infinitely more attractive to your ex - all while making sure they never forget about you!


 Reconnection Phase

When you are ready, bring your ex back into your life and make them spend time with you - as if you're good friends and as if the break-up has never happened!


 Reconciliation Phase

Reverse your break-up and win your ex back by inviting them to a series of carefully orchestrated dates that will leave them with no choice but to say "Yes!"


 Resolution Phase

Address remaining issues with your ex to ensure that you will never again have to experience the misery of a break-up and that your relationships stands the test of time!

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