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Hostpapa Review

HostPapa is one of the few web hosting companies out there that is powered by 100% Green Renewable Energy.
In fact, green energy powers everything from their data center to their web servers, even their offices and computers. These energy sources supply HostPapa's entire equivalent energy consumption into the power-grid with certified 100% renewable green energy sources, such as wind and solar powered energy.
Not only do you get green web hosting, but HostPapa has great value in its robust $4.95 plan (presently on offer for $3.71 with Hosting-Review's exclusive coupon!). Statistically one of the fastest growing web hosts in North America, you know that you can count on the security, performance, and reliability you expect from your web hosting provider. And it's good for the environment, to boot!

Price Value
At HostPapa, you truly feel like you're getting the family discount, what with so much being offered for less than $4 a month. Enjoy unlimited storage and bandwidth for unlimited sites, all Fantastico-enabled and equipped with SoHoLaunch website builder. Beyond that, you'll also receive online stats and reporting tools, full email versatility, developers' tools, extensive third party web design and multimedia software support. Don't forget, HostPapa gives you a free domain name and free setup...and being able to tout on your own website that you're hosted by a green web host is definitely enticing.

HostPapa guarantees you'll get maximum uptime (99.9% uptime guarantee and 99.9% network uptime guarantee) and promises to provide around the clock/around the calendar server monitoring. They regularly perform secure backups of all your data to protect you against unforeseen emergencies.

Control Panel
Joy of joys, all HostPapa customers get the full benefits of the industry's most popular and user-acclaimed control panel - cPanel. Large, intuitively organized icon-based buttons empower you to perform any number of administrative tasks. The main menu includes a real-time display of every stat and figure relevant to your web hosting account and your website's activity and performance. Many businesses pay their web hosts extra just to get to use cPanel with their account. Here, you get it free as part of your regular membership. You can't beat that!
Customer Support
At HostPapa, you'll get all the one-on-one help setting up and getting started that you need as well as dedicated customer service any time you need it. Choose from phone, live chat, and email support, or do-it-yourself with the HostPapa library of helpful and easy to follow video tutorials and online help docs.

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